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One of the primary reasons for the downfall of the 2018 season for the Minnesota Vikings was the play of the offensive line. Week after week Linval Joseph Jersey , they showed themselves as unable to open holes for the running game and unable to provide adequate time in the passing game. During his season-ending press conference last week, head coach Mike Zimmer fielded several questions about the offensive line, and one specifically about the effect that the sudden passing of offensive line coach Tony Sparano just before the start of the season may have had on the team.Now, in some corners of the internet, this is being interpreted as Zimmer using Sparano’s passing as an excuse for the low level of play on the offensive line this season. Such interpretations are, quite frankly, ridiculous. After all, the personnel on the offensive line didn’t change very much, and it’s hard to say how much Sparano’s presence and/or coaching would have changed that.The bigger effect, quite frankly, probably would have been on Zimmer himself. It was clear that Sparano was someone that he had come to trust, not just as far as the offensive line is concerned, but on other matters based on Sparano’s previous experience as a head coach. While I’m sure that Clancy Barone and Andrew Janocko did everything they could given the circumstances, there are certain aspects of what Sparano brought to the sideline that they weren’t going to be able to replace.Sparano’s passing wasn’t the first time in Vikings’ history that the team lost an important member of the coaching staff. Following the 1998 season, offensive coordinator Brian Billick moved on to become the head coach of the Baltimore Ravens after the Minnesota offense set records that season. In his place, the Vikings promoted quarterbacks coach Chip Myers to the offensive coordinator spot. Myers was considered an ascending star in the organization Kyle Rudolph Jersey , and it was thought that he could have carried on what Billick had started.However, less than a month after getting the job, and less than a week after he was with the team’s staff scouting prospects in Indianapolis at the Scouting Combine, Myers had a heart attack and passed away at the age of 53.While the passing of anyone is tragic. . .and I’m in no way attempting to minimize the passing of either Chip Myers or Tony Sparano by saying this. . .the Vikings had plenty of time to make adjustments prior to the start of the 1999 season. They were able to get Ray Sherman, who Myers replaced as the Vikings’ quarterbacks coach when Sherman took the job as offensive coordinator for the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1998, to come back and step into the offensive coordinator job in Minnesota. The team really didn’t have the ability to do that with Sparano, who passed away just days before the start of Training Camp. Again, the team did what they could by promoting internally, but as I mentioned earlier, there were some aspects of what Sparano brought to the table that nobody was going to be able to replace.The passing of Tony Sparano was, undeniably, a tragic event for the Minnesota Vikings organization, and it had to have been even more so for Mike Zimmer and the coaching staff in particular. But to say that he’s using it as some sort of an excuse is a bit disingenuous. He was asked about it in the season-ending press conference, and he answered the question as thoroughly and truthfully as he could. It’s not as though it was constantly brought up week after week as a reason for the play of the offensive line. The offensive line was bad in 2018 because they were bad. They were bad in August, they were bad in October, and they were bad in December. I don’t ever recall Zimmer. . .or anybody else. . .invoking Sparano’s name as the reason behind that.Mike Zimmer knows that his primary mission for this offseason. . .again. . .needs to be fixing the offensive line. With that being the case Everson Griffen Jersey , it wouldn’t be surprising to see him bring in someone similar to Sparano with a lot of experience and cachet to bring to the table. But it’s a bit insulting to say that he’s using the death of his former colleague to excuse the play of the offensive line in 2018. MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Former Minnesota Vikings defensive tackle Sharrif Floyd has filed a lawsuit against famed orthopedist Dr. James Andrews and several other parties for alleged negligence during a 2016 knee surgery that caused career-ending complications, seeking at least $180 million for potentially lost earnings.Brad Sohn, an attorney for Floyd, confirmed Tuesday the complaint was filed in Orlando, Florida, in the Ninth Judicial Circuit Court for Orange County. Sohn said he believes the case can be made for damages exceeding $200 million, when projecting career contract values for the NFL’s premier defensive tackles.Floyd carried that potential, but he played in only 44 games, the last on Sept. 11, 2016.“He’s trying to figure out what’s next for him in life,” Sohn said. “That’s not an easy thing, because he had no interest in ceasing to play football.”Floyd was drafted by the Vikings out of Florida with the 23rd overall pick in 2013, and he became a full-time starter in his second season. Floyd missed three games in 2015 for cartilage cleanup in his left knee, which continued to bother him the following training camp after the Vikings exercised the fifth-year option on his contract. After playing in the 2016 season opener, Floyd needed a similar arthroscopic operation on the right knee.During that surgery, Sohn said Anthony Barr Jersey , doctors determined a more comprehensive procedure was necessary to help stimulate regrowth of Floyd’s cartilage. After drilling into the knee bone, a post-operation pain blocker was injected into the nerve.Floyd’s leg never fully recovered enough to be able to return to the field. He was placed on the non-football injury list before the 2017 season, after which his rookie contract expired.“Sharrif is never going to play football again because of permanent nerve and muscle damage in and around his right knee and right lower leg. That was directly caused, we allege, from the nerve block,” Sohn said. “The only reason it was even arguably necessary is because a far more significant surgery was performed than what had been represented to Sharrif. They told him he’d go in for a routine scope and be out a few weeks, and then they did a really complex procedure and required a significant pain intervention that ended his career.”Andrews, two surgical fellows, an anesthesiologist, the hospital and the organizations associated with the doctors are named as defendants in the case.“We strongly dispute Mr. Floyd’s allegations and plan to vigorously defend this case.Unfortunately we are unable to comment further due to the pending nature of the litigation,” said Candy McGuyre, corporate marketing director with Baptist Health Care in Pensacola, Florida.
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