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d and eighty heroes

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As the saying goes: "Every time you read a book, it is a dialogue with the literary master in the heart." And this dialogue will make a person get a richer and more comprehensive understanding of life and the world. At the end of the Yuan Dynasty and the early Ming Dynasty, Shi Naijun��s masterpiece, The Water Margin, portrayed the traitors in the Northern Song Dynasty, and the corrupt officials were rampant. Song Jiang and other 108 heroes gathered in Shuibo Liangshan to rob the rich and help the poor. Vigorous things. ese one hundred and eighty heroes are very different in character: Li Wei��s carelessness, and Ruda��s thick and medium-sized are all vivid and vivid Cigarette Wholesale Online. However, their stipulations have also curbed the rights and interests of corrupt officials. They should know that this will undoubtedly bring them great dangers and disadvantages. What prompted them to do this? Like Paul Kochakin �C a sense of justice that makes them violent and good for the heavens. is because of the existence of justice that people��s lives will be stable and the country will thrive. In today's society, justice exists all the time Duty Free Marlboro Cigarettes. Social stability is the foundation for ensuring the country��s prosperity. For example, the police, they can be said to be the protectors of the country, the police and the responsibility of the 108 heroes are the same, is to ensure the peace of the country. Being a policeman is always at risk and even pays the price of life. But they have no timidity, and they only care about the peace of the country Cheap Cigarettes For Sale Online. Their quality of self-denial is worth learning. The 108 heroes also have this valuable quality.owever, compared with one hundred and eight hero heroes, in today's society, some people not only do not prevent the occurrence of bad phenomena for money and rights, but also encourage their hurricane evil spirits, collude others, and carry out activities that endanger society. These people are to be spurned by others, and they are different from the corrupt officials at the time. one is perfect, it is undeniable that one hundred and eight heroes have their own shortcomings, but their spirit is worth learning. To make the world a better place Cheap Newport 100 Cigarettes, this is the common aspiration of everyone at the moment Buy Newport 100S Online. However, this is not an empty talk. We can only curb the occurrence of bad behavior like these heroes, so that we can make the home we live in more harmonious.
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