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PUBG Mobile Lite Reaches More Countries for Android Players

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PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile UC PUBG Mobile Lite the lightest version of the popular PlayerUnknowner's Battlegrounds has just been released for Android in several countries in South America Southeast Asia and the Middle East; The game has received code modifications to run slack on simpler smartphones. It was available in open beta in Brazil since last year.

As with the Lite version of the PC the mobile version brings gameplay modifications from its standard version. For this game a more dynamic faster gameplay is proposed. In the standard version we have a large map with 100 participants in Lite will be a reduced map with 60 players.

This new version already seems to be a big hit with almost 800,000 downloads already listed on Google Play and an average score of almost 4.5 / 5. If some glitches seem to disturb some players' experience they remain limited and Tencent seems to react quickly. PUBG Mobile Unknown Cashany bug to ensure a good implementation of this new version.

Tencent the developer responsible for adapting the PC game to mobile phones makes sure that the game runs well even on Androids with 2 GB of RAM. In addition to being able to play on a much larger number of mobile gadgets the goal is to directly attack Fortnite which has already been launched with several automatic options that set the game for various types of hardware.

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