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The How to Train Your Dragon Book Series

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As you may or may not know, I **** love How to Train Your Dragon. I wasn't aware there was a book series until I saw the movie in theaters, fell in love, and out of desparation for mOAR, discovered and read the 7 books that were in existence at the time. I couldn't really definitively state whether I liked one version more than the other because they are so different as to be almost incomparable. (They literally have different plots, a different world, and different character dynamics; the only similarities are the names of characters and dragons, and some story themes.) The books out at the time the first movie came out were in general more lighthearted, but then again the movie has some lighthearted slapstick moments too… and although the movie takes itself more seriously overall, there are certain points in every single book that are poignant, solemn, and/or impactful. Both had moments of being serious and being silly. So it was REALLY hard to say.

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