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The sons and daughters of th

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The sons and daughters of the Chinese people serve the motherland, and the history of glory for the country is remembered Cheap Cigarettes For Sale Online. The most touching thing is the story of the heroine He Zizhenzhen is the wife of Chairman Mao. She joined the Red Army as no less than other fighters: she left his son for the founding of New China. In a war, her son��s residence became the enemy��s territory, and her son��s whereabouts are unknown. He Zizhen did not cry, but remembered this humiliating past, swearing to loyalty to the Red Army. I clearly remember that there was an army in the Red Army who was attacked by air. Many soldiers were seriously injured. He Zizhen was an ambulance. Unfortunately, she was attacked by air. She fell in a pool of blood… I went to the hospital to rescue, and operated without anesthesia. Doctor The nurses all sweated for him. The doctor clipped more than a dozen pieces of shrapnel from her, but some were too deep. She - heroic for the country to diek back at history and revitalize China! Our motherland is not all the way to glory, she has experienced thousands of disasters, relying on us to fight to maintain this glory. The former celebrities used hard work to read by lithography. Now that we have such a good learning environment, we are not good at learning and working hard. Are we not ruining ourselves, ruining our parents, and ruining our motherland? When we enjoy the motherland, we have thought about returning to the motherland. As a Chinese teenager, we should study hard and exercise ourselves. We are willing to make a drop of water to moisten an inch of land. We are willing to make a screw and stick to our pole position. If everyone is doing their job, then the students will study hard, the staff will be on time, and the farmers will work hard… We are the real Chinese!e sixty spring and autumn cast brilliant, the history of the monument is Minghuazhang," the ancestors threw their heads and sprinkled blood to exchange for today's glory, achievements, we should be ashamed of history, turn it into power - to contribute to the motherland's construction. Recently, the school's playground put a sign about safety education, all about traffic safety. After I read it, I understood: Pay attention to traffic safety from the details.ese brands, there is a picture of this precaution on each of the precautions. Some are pictures, some are real photos, and a closer look, these are the things we usually encounter when we travel Newport Short Cigarettes. For example: safety when riding a bicycle, safety when riding a bus, safety when crossing a road Duty Free Marlboro Cigarettes, etc. The little things that happened around me made me understand that attention to detail is to pay attention to safety.impressed me the most was a picture of a little boy riding a bicycle and asking him if he was behaving right. The answer is definitely not correct, because if the umbrella will block the line of sight Carton Of Marlboro Reds 100S, the traffic situation in front is not easy to see. However, in life, many people only map convenience Newport 100S Carton Wholesale, do not want to wear raincoats, and directly ride an umbrella. But they are just a convenience of the moment. If there is an accident, it is not a convenient or inconvenient problem. Moreover, wearing raincoats can't be used much, and it is more convenient to take an umbrella. Which one is more convenient, you can see it at a glance. Cycling, although only a detail, but if you pay attention to it, there will be a lot of probl also a picture of a child who is holding his hand when he is in the car. The text says that it is wrong to reach out while holding the car. It is fun and casual to reach out to the outside, but the safety hazards that appear inside are great. If you pass the car next to you, there will be a risk of arm fracture, or even more serious. Besides, it is not as good as sitting down to the outside to avoid a safety accident. It is also a detail to not reach out, but it is also very impog attention to traffic safety, it is necessary to pay attention to details everywhere, because many safety accidents are caused by not paying attention to details. The accident at Factory Bridge Primary School was caused by a series of tragedies because it did not pay attention to the details and used the throttle as a brake. In life, we must also pay attention to details to avoid potential safety hazards. Once, when I was crossing the road, I did not seriously look at the vehicles on both sides. When I had no car, I rushed to the other side of the road, but at this time I just arrived at the car. Fortunately, I took a quick step and there was no safety incident. But this also gives me a lesson: pay attention to traffic safety hazards everywhere. Don't just hurry and don't pay attention to traffic safety.ce.
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