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What has literature( and art) ever done to us?

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We've all heard of Plato, Kant, Homer, Cervantes, Shakespeare, Dante and so on, but I doubt most people have ever read these people's works(some might have slept through a Shakespeare play). So apart from adding a couple of expressions in our languages what have they done to us? Would we think differently if any of these books didn't exist? Take "the unknown rebel" from the Tianmin square massacre for example. He risked his life trying to stop the those tanks. Completely useless and futile, but we like to think of it as noble. Would we think the same way if Don Quijote was never written? Remember that Don Quijote had a similar incident when he thought he fought against giants(they weren't real, but he didn't know that). Would we think of the the unknown rebel as dumb and deluded if that and similar books were never written. I have absolutely no idea so I'm asking you.

Please help.

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What has literature( and art) ever done to us? | CivFanatics Forums
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