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At cyfateb we want to help arts organisations succeed in their artistic mission through offering a range of services that will help you dedicate more time to what matters. We offer our grant finding service free of charge, in addition to services such as grant writing, project development and partnership consultation based on a set fee. Drawing on our teams’ skills we can offer quality web and print design solutions to fit the budget of your organisation. With a combined 30 years experience working in the fields of film, literature, theatre and poetry during a period of unprecedented financial and political pressure, we aim to bring our knowledge, expertise and fresh thinking to help your organisation thrive in these challenging times.
Even revenue funded arts must now look to other sources to finance their activities making the fund raising landscape seem both barren and highly competitive place to find yourself. Most organizations do not have the luxury of having professional or dedicated fundraisers, although not as daunting as it sounds fundraising can be a time consuming and frustrating process, we offer a free grant finding service and additional fee based services which will ensure the time you do spend, is well spent and productive
Our funding services include:
Free Grant finding service
Project Development
Grant Writing
Partnership consultation (finding partners)
Project evaluation and reporting
Alternative fund raising strategy consultation.
For more information on each of these services please follow the links.
Free Grant finding service
What grants are out there waiting for your organisation? Fill in the details below and receive a tailor-made report within 48hrs. This service is totally free of charge, with no obligation to use our other services, however if you find the service useful we welcome donations and feedback on how you feel we did.
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About your Project
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If so with whom?
Project Development
Beyond revenue funding, many funds and grants like to give money for projects to be run rather than paying for ongoing work. A project is an activity distinct to your day to day work, it is attractive to funders as they are able to see tangible results in a short to medium term, these may require accurate and sufficient evaluation and reporting sometimes during but most often at the end of the project.
What is a good project? There is no good or bad project, but it is interesting to look at why some projects do not attract grants and funding and some do, most unfunded projects lack distinct parameters compared to the day to day work of the organisation, they may have not been developed to the extent needed by the funder, or lack a clarity in explaining what the outcomes and outputs will be. Cyfateb offer a consultancy to help you get a easily communicable picture of your project which will improve your chances of not only successfully applying for funding but in succeeding in the aims and objectives of the project.
We charge a pay as you go rate of £35 per hour for this service or a fee of  £100 per half day.
Grant Writing
This can be the most time consuming and some say tedious of tasks, it is a necessary evil if organisations are going to attract funding, a well written grant application / or Expression of interest can be the difference between success and failure. Having a third party to this for you makes a lot of sense as we will come to your project with a fresh pair of eyes – we will be able to ask the questions in order to gain a clear understanding of what you are trying to achieve, and then communicate this to the funder in the terms they can understand. Cyfateb will only undertake this service once we have ascertained that a minimum level of project planning has been undertaken. We will offer a no win no fee service in extraordinary cases but generally we charge  a pay as you go £35 per hour and £100 per half day fee
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